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RTO Services

Equip Grow Lead brings significant experience in vocational education and training to offer a range of services to RTO’s.  We can assist with initial registration and development of systems to ensure compliance with AQTF/VET Quality Framework and relevant legislation, as well as internal maintenance audits and continuous improvement. We believe that each RTO is different and therefore requires a unique approach to managing its responsibilities and operations. Our services include:

  • Initial registration preparation
  • Addition to scope
  • Audit rectification
  • AQTF/VET Quality Framework compliance
  • Internal auditing
  • Continuous improvement
  • Assessment development and mapping
  • Course writing and accreditation.


Resource Development

We currently have a range of resources ready to use for many units of competency within the following the Training and Assessment and Business Services training packages, and resources for other training packages are currently under development. Our Delivery and Assessment Resources for each unit of competency include:

  • Trainer and Assessor Resource
  • Learning and assessment strategy
  • Detailed assessment mapping to unit of competency
  • References, readings and information sources to support learning
  • PowerPoint presentations mapped to Learner Guide
  • Assessment marking guides and assessor instructions
  • Learner Resource
  • Workbook with relevant knowledge content and activities to support learning
  • Assessment tasks

In addition to pre-existing resources, we are able to develop resources on request for any units of competency.  This development process incorporates consultation with relevant industry contacts to ensure that both learning and assessment materials are valid, current and accurate. We are also able to assist in the packaging of units into qualifications, with clustered resources and training plans tailored to required timelines or delivery models.